I make for you according to model, costume or made-to-measure :

  • Poles of ash with steel hounds
  • Single shafts or linked shafts of ash
  • Front and rear wings of wood or of metal plate
  • Eveners, single- and doubletrees, sawed and carved or turned, for every pulling weight, caoch driving, fieldwork or for mooving trunks
  • Pole eyes, clips, caps, hooks, toggles, mountings - hand-forged
  • Axles, axle stubs, bearings, boxings
  • Fifth-wheels, complete front- and rear chassis
  • Brake cranks, crake levers, brake pedals
  • Transport cases, covered with venyl or leather
  • Steps, lineholders, whip sockets
  • Other workpieces of wood and wrought iron
  • Turned wooden parts according to model

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