I build and repair

  • Wooden cart wheels, coach wheels and cannon wheels, with toppled spokes / dish or as disc wheel.
    • In any size, fom diameter 30 cm up to 170 cm (200 cm).
    • Each chosen number of spokes.
  • Wooden hubs made of oak or roller bearing hubs.
  • Bushings, bearings und axle stubs from our own production.
  • Hubcaps either with stick and cotter or castellated nut.
  • Iron tire, hub- and spoke-rings were places hot and fixed by shrinking.
    • For carriages : iron tires or iron U-shapes with rubber wheels ;
    • for heavier vehicles : iron tires, by request with rubber hoop, volcanized onto the tire
  • Steel wheels or wheels with steel spokes and rubber pads.
  • Oldtimer wheels with wooden spokes.
  • We repair your broken wheels and use your old bearings. So you don't need new axle stubs.

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